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Ken Drew & Dr. Patel - You Have To Take Smaller Portions For Weight Loss

You have to take smaller portions - You're used to eating in front of TV? When the monitor is on but food and eats a lot more than if you pay attention to eat.

If you can not directly deny watching TV, measure at least a small portion of food in advance. Especially if you're taking the bowl of chips or popcorn, threatens her whole body without you even realizing it. Information Resource By Ken Drew & Dr. Patel

Feed is the third fragrance - I'm sure you've noticed that sometimes when you're making already own fragrance, then you're not hungry. A certain scents can intoxicate like your head completely reliable. Bet on apple, banana or peppermint. You can sniff them directly to the fruits, or acquires essential oils with their scent.

Smaller plates eat less - Take your meals on smaller plates and it into small pieces. Then you have the feeling that the more you eat and settle for a much smaller portion than you were used to, but they will not be hungry. Further Information Read our Privacy Policy

Color magic - Colors affect our subconscious. It is beneficial to reduce our appetite has to be green or blue. Conversely, red, orange or yellow stimulates your appetite.

You do not just paint the kitchen, and make your color plates and place-mats. You cannot live without chocolate or cakes, even if you know that your character to sign a rather negative? Do not try to deny them altogether.

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